The growing popularity of Beauty and Home Spa

Hydrotherapy Cleanser home spa

The growth of the at-home spa market is very exciting and worth almost £300 million in the UK.

Women can get salon quality treatments in the comfort of their own home - and I am hearing more and more from my clientele that they want a maintenance programme between appointments. It's no longer just about lines and wrinkles and looking young, young, young - women want to look well groomed and now know how important the TONE of their skin is. So they're all stepping up their game - young and not so young! It's about great cleansing, plumping, treating, renewing cells, sloughing - not just that over botoxed tight look.

Lots of people ask me if I think I could end up being surplus to requirements but the increase in awareness of skincare and the effectiveness of treatments can only help!! . Almost all of my clients will give themselves treatments in between seeing me as they might not have time to book out an entire hour in their day or have the funds to do it regularly. It's like learning to cook - you can make fabulous dishes at home but now and again you want to sit back and let a chef take over!

And thanks to the advancements in technology women can get genuine salon results from the comfort of our own home - and believe me, I have put Sensio Spa through its paces and the results are phenomenal!

Take the Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer, in 20 minutes you can have an advanced facial treatment for a fraction of the price. It’s a five-step routine. Firstly, you cleanse and exfoliate using the facial cleanser. Secondly, take the hot and cool bar on the hot setting and press all over your face to open your pores. The next step is to rehydrate your skin using the ionised facial steamer...this is not only great for hydrating and balancing the pH of your skin but it is also super relaxing.  Next, you need to close your pores so as to avoid bacteria getting in and causing spots, so turn the hot and cool bar onto the cool setting and press all over your face. Then for your fifth and final step moisturise as usual using your favourite product. If you want to go even further you could add a mask prior to your moisturiser for extra hydration. If you follow this five-step routine once a week you will without a doubt see the benefits. I can’t believe you can get so many features in just one product.

The Sensio Spa beauty and spa appliances can be slipped in to anyone’s regime to take it to the next level and upgrade the skincare routine. I’m so happy that all women now have the opportunity to really indulge in beauty treatments ... lucky us!