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I find that in my field of expertise it is always really important to keep up to date with new and innovative products and the Sensio Spa Face Lift and Firmer is an amazing and revolutionary piece of technology that I feel lucky to have discovered. So many of my clients want to know how to maintain the tone and firmness of their skin and this facial exerciser is the first thing I recommend.


Sensio Spa Face Lift & Firm

Using EMS technology the Face Lift and Firmer induces strong and deep facial contractions to exercise and tone your facial muscles to lift the skin naturally by improving the ‘scaffolding’ of the face. The LED red light therapy that is also incorporated increases collagen levels in the skin for improved volume and gives you an instant radiant glow.

By working on and toning the facial muscles the Face Lift and Firmer is able to provide long term results as it is tackling the core issues of ageing skin; slacking facial muscles and decreasing collagen production. I normally suggest using every day to begin with to get used to the routine until you're happy with your results. I can always tell if a client of mine has been diligently using this product as the results are so evident, the more you use it the better your skin will be!

When I first started recommending the Face Lift and Firmer to clients they seemed a little apprehensive as it’s such a new type of product, a modern twist on anti-ageing skincare, but they soon realised it’s pleasant to use and you can just pop it on whilst you’re watching TV or reading a book… a completely hassle free process for genuine results.  I can guarantee after a few uses, you will be just as addicted to this as I am!

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Sophie Ace

About Sophie Ace

All round beauty guru Sophie Ace, has been a firm fixture in the industry for more than 15 years. Sophie offers high quality, individualised treatments to her clients which include celebrities, journalists and fashion designers. Sophie’s calling card is her perfectionism and hands that seem to ‘read’ the skin. When it comes to skincare and how each person’s skin works she can ‘sense’ how to get the best out of the right product for each of her clients – and this can differ depending on many external factors so each treatment is different. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the industry and one of London’s best kept secrets – her number is passed by word of mouth to a select few who want to ensure they can always get time with her! Sophie says’ ‘I am so excited about Sensio Spa! Now I have something to offer my clients when I just CAN’T fit them in! It’s like an individualised salon experience at home. Might put me out of a job!

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