Your Autumn Skincare Guide

With the weather transitioning from summer to autumn I get a lot of clients enquiring on how their skin can look more dewy and hydrated. Due to the fact that there isn't as much moisture in the air compared to the summer, the skin can start feeling dry as we enter into the autumn months. Therefore, we have to add more serums, heavier creams and a generally give our skin a lot more TLC.


The skin will really benefit from using added tools too to slough off your skins summer build up. I recommend using the Sensio Spa Sonic Facial Cleanser; with the 3 changeable heads you can get optimisation with exfoliating and generally removing excess dead skin to reveal the fresh, dewy and plum skin underneath. To stimulate the skin I definitely recommend to my clients to use the Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial in between appointments with me if their skin is suffering due to the changing weather. This product gives you a total facial experience and will create healthy, glowing skin, allowing the pores to open and for the ionised steamer, with its antibacterial properties, to eliminate any impurities which may have been blocked during the summer months. The hot and cool bar, which comes as part of the Complete Hydrotherapy Facial, will add extra benefits to your facial by improving the quality of the deep steam and cleanse thanks to the hot setting on the bar. By pressing the hot bar all over your face you will open your pores allowing the steam to penetrate deeper into your skin. Then once you have finished steaming press the bar on the cool setting all over your face to close the pores and stop any dirt or bacteria entering your newly cleansed pores and prep the skin for your moisturising program.

Incorporating these two products into your regime will help your skin transition from season to season making sure you skin stays fresh all year round. Just make sure to follow up with a hydrating moisturiser and you will be set for the autumn months!

Sophie Ace

About Sophie Ace

All round beauty guru Sophie Ace, has been a firm fixture in the industry for more than 15 years. Sophie offers high quality, individualised treatments to her clients which include celebrities, journalists and fashion designers. Sophie’s calling card is her perfectionism and hands that seem to ‘read’ the skin. When it comes to skincare and how each person’s skin works she can ‘sense’ how to get the best out of the right product for each of her clients – and this can differ depending on many external factors so each treatment is different. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the industry and one of London’s best kept secrets – her number is passed by word of mouth to a select few who want to ensure they can always get time with her! Sophie says’ ‘I am so excited about Sensio Spa! Now I have something to offer my clients when I just CAN’T fit them in! It’s like an individualised salon experience at home. Might put me out of a job!

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