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Sensio Spa Nail Spa

There is a fascination with keeping your hands and feet in an immaculate condition. I find having manicures and pedicures can really pull my look together and make me feel polished and well-groomed. My clients regularly ask me how they can maintain clean and tidy nails all year round. Obviously the basics apply; hydrating hand creams and using a good quality emery board to shape the nails.

I often hear women (and men) complaining that a DIY manicure or pedicure is never quite the same as having it done by a professional, and I find that a tell tale sign of a good manicure or pedicure is the total removal of any dry or coarse skin around the nails, which is why I recommend the Sensio Spa Nail Spa.

The Nail Spa has two separate skin removers; one for coarse skin and another for dry skin. This kit also contains motorised shaping disks to file and sculpt your nails and a cuticle lifter to keep your cuticles in top condition, amongst other tools!

My absolute favourite feature of the Nail Spa has got to be the bubbling finger spa and dryer. The soothing massage bubbles soften the cuticles and finger nails before your manicure and the dryer allows your polish to set.

If you enjoy the luxury of manicures and pedicures and you want to achieve salon worthy results from your own home, then you will almost certainly love this product!

Sophie Ace

About Sophie Ace

All round beauty guru Sophie Ace, has been a firm fixture in the industry for more than 15 years. Sophie offers high quality, individualised treatments to her clients which include celebrities, journalists and fashion designers. Sophie’s calling card is her perfectionism and hands that seem to ‘read’ the skin. When it comes to skincare and how each person’s skin works she can ‘sense’ how to get the best out of the right product for each of her clients – and this can differ depending on many external factors so each treatment is different. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the industry and one of London’s best kept secrets – her number is passed by word of mouth to a select few who want to ensure they can always get time with her! Sophie says’ ‘I am so excited about Sensio Spa! Now I have something to offer my clients when I just CAN’T fit them in! It’s like an individualised salon experience at home. Might put me out of a job!

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