Ageing: Slow Down the Clock

Cleansing is such a chore but it is necessary in order to remove oil, bacteria, makeup and daily grime to unclog pores and keep the face clean. Cleansing both morning and night allows you to get rid of any unwanted impurities and regulate the oil within the sebaceous glands.

Ageing is unfortunately inevitable but cleansing at night is very important in order to help slow down the ageing process as our cells regenerate most prominently at night. If you’ve not cleansed properly before bed you are inhibiting this process which can lead to premature wrinkles and dry, lackluster skin.


Exfoliating is the key method to rid unwanted dead skin cells and increase blood circulation to help achieve a healthy glow. Exfoliating keeps skin clean and can help marks caused by blemishes and hyper-pigmentation, encouraging them to fade. Also, if you suffer from ingrown hairs, exfoliating will be your new best friend as it helps to get rid of dead skin so the hair doesn’t get blocked in the pores.

It is not only cleansing that helps to combat ageing, exfoliating helps with this too. When we are at a youthful age our skin sheds at such a rate that clog pores, dehydrated/dry skin generally doesn’t make a huge impact. However, as we get older the ability and rate at which our skin slough itself off slows down dramatically. Unfortunately we have to take extra measures to do what our skin can no longer do for itself! I would suggest using the Sensio Spa Sonic Facial Cleanser (£70). This cleansing device has three interchangeable brush heads of which, the ‘dermabrasion’, is fantastic when you’re looking to get a deep exfoliation. I would recommend cleansing daily with the ‘normal’ brush head or ‘sensitive’ brush head if you have delicate skin to remove any daily grime and oils and use the ‘dermabrason’ once a week to reveal fresh, dewy and plump skin.

Sophie Ace

About Sophie Ace

All round beauty guru Sophie Ace, has been a firm fixture in the industry for more than 15 years. Sophie offers high quality, individualised treatments to her clients which include celebrities, journalists and fashion designers. Sophie’s calling card is her perfectionism and hands that seem to ‘read’ the skin. When it comes to skincare and how each person’s skin works she can ‘sense’ how to get the best out of the right product for each of her clients – and this can differ depending on many external factors so each treatment is different. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the industry and one of London’s best kept secrets – her number is passed by word of mouth to a select few who want to ensure they can always get time with her! Sophie says’ ‘I am so excited about Sensio Spa! Now I have something to offer my clients when I just CAN’T fit them in! It’s like an individualised salon experience at home. Might put me out of a job!

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