National Stress Awareness Day Tips


There are many ways you can help your mind and body when you are under the pressure of stress. In my opinion, the safest and best remedy for a stressful environment is yoga. Practicing yoga will help your body to relax and creates an increase of a healthy blood supply resulting in your body and mind being uplifted. Yoga has been synonymous with stress reduction and if practiced regularly, it can be a very powerful healing transformation tool. The special breathing techniques and postures yoga teaches us means we can overcome and manage the effects of stress and daily worries.

In addition to yoga, I also recommend a massage or relaxation technique which will alter your present state and allow you to fully unwind. I always find with my clients (and myself) that a facial helps tremendously with tension. By massaging the pressure points in the forehead and the lymphatic system, not only can a facial relieve tension, but it is a great way to treat your skin, as skin reacts to being under stress as it is our largest organ..

Very often a stressed or anxious person can have restless sleep, which then shows on their skin by appearing slack, tired and lacking in vibrancy. In my case, stress makes my skin break out in blemishes, so recently I have been using the Sensio Spa Complete Hydrotherapy Facial Steamer to combat this problem. Steaming your face is such a lovely way to relax after a demanding day and will also help your skin from showing signs of any stress you may be feeling.

Sophie Ace

About Sophie Ace

All round beauty guru Sophie Ace, has been a firm fixture in the industry for more than 15 years. Sophie offers high quality, individualised treatments to her clients which include celebrities, journalists and fashion designers. Sophie’s calling card is her perfectionism and hands that seem to ‘read’ the skin. When it comes to skincare and how each person’s skin works she can ‘sense’ how to get the best out of the right product for each of her clients – and this can differ depending on many external factors so each treatment is different. Her years of experience and extensive knowledge have made her one of the most sought after experts in the industry and one of London’s best kept secrets – her number is passed by word of mouth to a select few who want to ensure they can always get time with her! Sophie says’ ‘I am so excited about Sensio Spa! Now I have something to offer my clients when I just CAN’T fit them in! It’s like an individualised salon experience at home. Might put me out of a job!

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