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Back to Uni: Skincare essentials

Working alongside many different age groups there's one group which I feel sometimes struggle with the incentive to use a skincare regime. This is the student group, aged 18-24. With their busy schedule of work and partying at university, many students I speak to say they don’t have the time or money to invest in a proper skin care routine and can therefore neglect their skin. However, stress, partying and lack of sleep will .
Sensio Spa Face Lift & Firm

Lift, tone and smooth

I find that in my field of expertise it is always really important to keep up to date with new and innovative products and the Sensio Spa Face Lift and Firmer is an amazing and revolutionary piece of technology that I feel lucky to have discovered. So many of my clients want to know how to maintain the tone and firmness of their skin and this facial exerciser is the first thing I recommend. .

Summer Skin the Sensio Spa way

We need to take care and treat our skin accordingly during the changing seasons. Now summer is upon us our skin is exposed to different elements and in order to not let them get the better of us, we need to take the necessary precautions and adapt our skincare routines accordingly. The biggest threat to our skin during summer is of course, the sun! Probably 80% of our skin ageing is due to sun .
Hydrotherapy News

The growing popularity of Beauty and Home Spa

The growth of the at-home spa market is very exciting and worth almost £300 million in the UK. Women can get salon quality treatments in the comfort of their own home - and I am hearing more and more from my clientele that they want a maintenance programme between appointments. It's no longer just about lines and wrinkles and looking young, young, young - women want to look well groomed and now know how .