Skin care tips for every skin type

There are three main different skin types – dry, oily or combination skin and it is really important to know what skin type you are and how to treat it accordingly. When I have a client who wants to challenge her dry skin I generally look to see if the skin is sensitive, prone to dry patches or inflamed at all, as these issues are most commonly found in women with dry skin. If .

National Stress Awareness Day Tips

There are many ways you can help your mind and body when you are under the pressure of stress. In my opinion, the safest and best remedy for a stressful environment is yoga. Practicing yoga will help your body to relax and creates an increase of a healthy blood supply resulting in your body and mind being uplifted. Yoga has been synonymous with stress reduction and if practiced regularly, it can be a very .

Ageing: Slow Down the Clock

Cleansing is such a chore but it is necessary in order to remove oil, bacteria, makeup and daily grime to unclog pores and keep the face clean. Cleansing both morning and night allows you to get rid of any unwanted impurities and regulate the oil within the sebaceous glands. Ageing is unfortunately inevitable but cleansing at night is very important in order to help slow down the ageing process as our cells regenerate most .

Salon Nails At Home

There is a fascination with keeping your hands and feet in an immaculate condition. I find having manicures and pedicures can really pull my look together and make me feel polished and well-groomed. My clients regularly ask me how they can maintain clean and tidy nails all year round. Obviously the basics apply; hydrating hand creams and using a good quality emery board to shape the nails. I often hear women (and men) complaining .

Your Autumn Skincare Guide

With the weather transitioning from summer to autumn I get a lot of clients enquiring on how their skin can look more dewy and hydrated. Due to the fact that there isn't as much moisture in the air compared to the summer, the skin can start feeling dry as we enter into the autumn months. Therefore, we have to add more serums, heavier creams and a generally give our skin a lot more TLC. .